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Lesnaya Skazka is a multifunctional mountain resort located in beautiful place of Zaili Alatau in Oi- Karagay ravine. Google Maps define its location at Ile-Alatau National park between Talgar and Almaty.

To get to the place is possible by its shuttle bus, but during the week the buses start early at the morning and come back only at the late evening so you better manage transportation by yourself. It is on the side of Beskainar village (also known as Gornyi Sadovod) after you reach this place, go up until you reach the sign with the resort name.

The resort is a nice for relaxation and active recreation with plenty of enthralling attractions for kids and adults that is open all the year round. Let’s take a look on the specific facilities you may enjoy there.

In summer time

Lesnoy rope park

The obstacle course with 7 various routes for extremals, beginners, kids and teams is a thing to experience once you are in Lesnaya Skazka! Visitors need to pass a definite block with different challenges, using only ropes and various crossing – good chance to warm up and get some positive emotions. The Lesnoy is one of the biggest rope parks in Central Asia with no worthy analogy in Kazakhstan.

Price per 1 adult: from KZT 1200 to 2800 in weekdays and from KZT 1500 to 3500 in weekends.


The Skalodrom (mountain climbing) with Via Ferrata tracks is perfect for adrenalin catchers and those who want develop strength, skills and endurance. Single passages as well as 5 and 10 visits abonnements are available.

Price per 1 adult: KZT 640 per single passages in weekdays and KZT 800 in weekends.

Oi-Karagay super-trolley

Named as a ravine it is passing through, the super-trolley allows a downhill via the 560 meters long cable at a height of 80 meters above the ground. But visitors should not worry about their safety. According to the super-trolley instructors’ statement, safety cable has several ways of protection and the cable itself can withstand weight of 1,5 tons, so if you somehow wouldn't reach the end, do not be afraid. Wait until you stop and then push yourself catching the cable with your hands. If this does not work wait for the instructor’s help.

The attraction is available for persons over 16 years old and under 130 kg.

Walking tour

Walking tour or how it is popular to call it tracking, is popular among foreign tourists. There is a picturesque area around so the leisurely 4-hour walk across Ak-Tau plateau is not only good for health but also full of pleasure. The route to Ak-Tau has some steep gradients which are equipped with steps and viewing platforms for enjoying the stunning neighborhood, as well as “desire trails”, “shark bridge”, Bears Lake and “stones garden”.

Price per 1 adult: about KZT 5000 per person

Horse ride

Lesnaya Skazka has its own horse center for individual riding lessons, horse fitness sessions and hippotherapy. Day visitors may enjoy horseback and phaeton ridings, lasting from 30 minutes to 6 hours.

Price per 1 adult is KZT 4000 on weekdays and KZT 5000 on weekends

In winter time

Ski trail

Ski trail in Lesnaya Skazka will hardly impress professional skiers and extremals as its slope does not exceed 35 degrees but it will definitely suit the beginners and kids who can try skiing and snowboarding themselves or with the help of experienced instructors.

Price per ski and snowboard equipment set is KZT 5000.

Ice arena

The skating rink in Lesnaya Skazka is filled with mountain stream water, therefore looks crystal clear. Skate rental is available.

Price per skate rental and 2-hour ticket per 1 adult is KZT 1200 on weekdays and KZT 1500 on weekends.

Snow tubing

This amusement for all ages would be perfect for exciting pastime on winter day.

Price per sled rental is KZT 1200 in weekdays and KZT 1500 in weekend, single lift is KZT 500.

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