Children's Recreation Camp "Discovery Borovoe"
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Akmola Region

Discovery Borovoe is located in the countryside, on the shore of Lake Katarkol, and is surrounded by pinery. For safety reasons children’s camp is encircled with a secure fence. The camp has a check-point. There is a 24-hour security throughout the territory and a 24-hour video surveillance of the grounds and inside the buildings, excluding only residential rooms and bathrooms.



  • 4 three-storey residential buildings with cozy rooms;
  • Swimming pool of 3 different depths;
  • Dining room;
  • Play mansard;
  • Alcohol-free bar;
  • Billiards room;
  • Night club;
  • Medical center;
  • Modern soccer field with artificial turf;
  • Multiple gazebos;
  • Open-air pavilion for entertainment;
  • Beach volleyball court;
  • Basketball ring;
  • Sports equipment rental;
  • Ropes course.



  • Accommodation in a room for 6 people.

Room is equipped with:

  • Beds (individual)
  • Bed linen (individual)
  • Nightstands (individual)
  • Shower and toilet, 24-hour hot water (1 per room)
  • Wardrobe (1 per room)
  • Shoe rack (1 per room)
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